What to do If Your Employer Was Involved In a Data Breach?

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What to do If Your Employer was Involved in a Data Breach?

If your employer was involved in a data breach, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. You’re not alone.

Laukaitis Law can help. We have the knowledge and experience to litigate complex employer data breach cases. Contact us today to learn more.

Employer Data Breaches are on the Rise

A data breach can be a costly and damaging event for any company. According to a study by IBM, the average data breach cost is $3.86 million. Fortunately, many data breaches are preventable with the proper precautions in place. Yet companies continue to fail to implement adequate security measures to protect their employees and customers’ data protected.

Types of Employee-Employer Data Breaches

There are several types of employee-employer data breaches that companies should be aware of:

  • Insider Data Breach: This occurs when an employee, often with malicious intent, steals or emails confidential company data to themselves or others outside the company. Insider data breaches can be particularly damaging as insiders often have access to more sensitive data than outsiders.
  • Accidental Loss or Disclosure of Data: Data breaches can also occur accidentally, such as when an employee leaves their laptop open in public or emails a sensitive document to the wrong person. These breaches can be costly if the computer gets into the wrong hands.
  • Failed Employee Screening: Hiring an employee without proper screening can lead to data breaches and financial losses for the company.
  • Unsecured Endpoints: Endpoints, such as laptops, smartphones, and USB drives, can provide hackers a way into a company’s network if they are not adequately secured. A clever hacker can then steal sensitive employee data, like Social Security numbers and financial account information.
  • Social Engineering Scams: Criminals may pose as IT support or other employees to obtain sensitive information through phishing scams or unexpected calls or emails. Employees must be aware of these red flags and only provide sensitive information if they are sure it is a legitimate request.

What to do If Your Employer Was Involved in a Data Breach?

Contact an experienced data breach attorney like Laukaitis Law. We can research the law, help you gather evidence, and build a strong case. You can also file a class action lawsuit if others have been affected by the company’s data breach. Laukaitis Law is experienced in consumer class actions. Contact us today.

When a data breach occurs, employers must take action to protect their employees. Employers must notify employees of the breach and provide them with information on protecting themselves from potential identity theft or financial fraud. If you were provided a data breach notification letter, contact Laukaitis Law to learn your legal rights. It might seem like your employer is trying to make good for their mistake. However, there might be better solutions to your problem.

Why Choose Laukaitis Law If You were Involved in a Data Breach?

Our firm has the experience to help our clients with various data breach issues, including employer-employee data breaches. Many of these cases are highly technical, but we are well-versed in data breach laws throughout the country. We can handle our clients’ data breach problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation! Laukaitis Law can handle cases nationwide.

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