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Product Mislabeling

Product mislabeling is a massive problem in the world today. This type of consumer fraud is rampant in many industries, and it can cause serious harm to consumers. Laukaitis Law is an experienced law firm representing consumers in product mislabeling cases across the country. Contact us today for a free consultation if you believe you purchased a mislabeled product.

What are Product Mislabeling Class Action Lawsuits?

Product mislabeling class action lawsuits protect people who have suffered financial harm from purchasing a mislabeled product. Even if you bought a low-dollar product, a class action lawsuit would get the company’s attention, especially if it is a high-selling product. When a company faces a product mislabeling class action lawsuit, it could face millions of dollars in potential liability. Therefore, companies take product mislabeling class actions very seriously.

Class action plaintiff attorneys, like Laukaitis Law, represent individuals with similar legal claims against a company. In the case of product mislabeling, these attorneys can help you and other affected consumers by bringing a lawsuit against the company responsible for the product mislabeling. The lawsuit’s goal is to hold the company accountable for its actions and get the justice you deserve.

Types of Product Mislabeling

  • Ingredient mislabeling occurs when a product is advertised as containing certain ingredients but has different or additional ingredients. For example, a food product may be labeled as “all-natural” but may contain artificial ingredients.
  • Characteristic mislabeling occurs when a product is labeled as having particular characteristics but does not possess those characteristics. For example, a beauty product may be labeled as “organic” but may contain synthetic chemicals.
  • Quantity mislabeling occurs when a product labeled as containing a certain amount of something has less or more than the amount stated on the product’s label. For example, a supplement is labeled as containing a certain amount of a particular vitamin or protein, but it contains less or more than what is stated on the product’s label.
  • Performance mislabeling occurs when a product is labeled as having specific performance capabilities but does not perform as advertised. For example, a cleaning product may be labeled as having specific cleaning abilities, but it may not effectively clean surfaces as advertised.

How a Plaintiff's Class Action Attorney Can Help

Laukaitis Law is equipped with the tools to litigate product mislabeling class actions across the country. We strive for efficient justice for everyday consumers deceived into purchasing mislabeled products. Kevin Laukaitis has recovered millions of dollars for consumers. His class actions have also resulted in companies changing their labels so they never deceive any other consumer again.

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If a breach of contract violated your rights, you deserve justice. That’s where Laukaitis Law comes in. We’re a class action law firm that represents consumers nationwide. We have the experience to help you take on the largest corporations. Don’t get taken by a breach of contract – contact us today, and let us fight for you.

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