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Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, and knowing how to protect yourself is essential. A data breach can be a scary thing. Personal information, including your name, e-mail address, social security number, and credit card information, can be accessed by hackers. Victims of data breaches are at risk of identity theft and other types of fraud. Laukaitis Law handles data breach class actions across the country. If you are the victim of a data breach, contact us for help.

What are Data Breaches?

A data breach occurs when confidential or sensitive information is accessed or disclosed without authorization. Data breaches can occur through various means, such as hacking into a company’s systems or unintentionally releasing data due to human error. The adverse effects of a data breach can be severe for individuals and businesses alike, potentially resulting in identity theft, financial fraud, and other forms of harm. For companies, a data breach can compromise confidential customer information, such as names, addresses, bank account numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and even personal healthcare data. You should seek legal counsel if you suffered a data breach. Laukaitis Law has the experience you need to get justice and compensation.

Types of Data Breaches

Data breaches come in many forms. No matter how data breaches happen, the effects of a data breach can cause stress, and the impact on those affected can be long-lasting in terms of time and money. Here are a few types of data breaches:

  • Employer-Employee: Employer data breaches can devastate employees, both in terms of their data, as well as their finances and employment security. Employers may be required to notify employees of their compromised personal data, such as social security numbers or financial information, when a breach occurs. This kind of data breach causes employees to lose trust in their employers.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare data breaches are a growing concern as more and more healthcare providers are transitioning to digital records. Healthcare data breaches can have severe and negative impacts on consumers. Not only can they result in financial losses, but they can also put sensitive and private information at risk. When this happens, all the data stored in that system can be exposed, including patient records, insurance payment information, and other sensitive information.
  • Identity Theft: Criminals may gain access to personal data like social security numbers, dates of birth, and financial data. Criminals can then use this data to access accounts, such as passwords and usernames. Essentially, sophisticated cyber hackers can piece together information about an individual to extract the most harm. Identity theft can lead to stress and can be a long and challenging process to repair.
  • Financial Fraud: Criminals use stolen credit cards or banking information to make unauthorized purchases or to access bank accounts. These criminals may also open up new accounts in the victim’s name and make more unauthorized purchases. This type of fraud hurts the consumer because it can ruin credit scores. Worse, it can take months, or even years, to repair this damage.
  • Hacking: When hackers use malicious software to gain access to private networks or systems, they steal personal information, install malware, or take control of an entire system. Hacking perhaps causes the most damage to a consumer; not only does it cause stress and anxiety, but it can also cause severe financial harm.

How a Plaintiff's Class Action Attorney Can Help

Laukaitis Law is an experienced law firm representing data breach victims. We help our clients seek justice and compensation in data breach lawsuits. We are here to help you in every step of the legal process. Data breach lawsuits are complex. Don’t go at it alone.

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As a data breach victim, you deserve justice. That’s where Laukaitis Law comes in. We’re a class action law firm that represents consumers nationwide. We have the experience to help you take on the largest corporations. Don’t suffer in silence – contact us today, and let us fight for you.

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